A Story from ADs

One of my friends got some ADs (pictured right) on facebook (facebook.com, if you're unfamiliar with the 'social networking' site) which I felt told an interesting story. As much as I know the ADs are based on data about the area hie lives in and his age and other various factors about him, but I also felt they told a story. What I wrote up for that is below. I did also toy with going in a more Si-Fi direction but never took that far. Doing it at all was probably far enough.

Actually it's almost poetry. A young black girl (Mobeesha) goes to nursing school where she tries to better herself. Even though the program's not legitimate she meets and falls in love with a security guard in the building her "school" is renting space in.

They have a romance and fall in love and marry. But only a year later when Mo finds out that the program is fake she leaves her new husband (Dante) because she's scared. She feels like she lied to her new husband, that some day she'd be a nurse and make a living for them both. Now that none of that will happen she can't face him...

She picks up jobs being a house cleaner. What she didn't know when she left her husband is that she was pregnant. With twins/triplets and while vacuuming she has an accident. It kills the baby she didn't know she had. She's injured in the hospital now concerned with only the health of the child she didn't know she had. But it's too late.

Out of nowhere her (ex) husband comes to comfort her. The story was so tragic that the local news couldn't help report on it and he had to come. He brings her [favorite insignificant thing mentioned in the first/second act // something they shared on their first date] and the film/play/whatever ends with them embracing.