About Me

Born and raised in Eastern Pennsylvania, Damon has had many hobbies and skills and uses them to inform his work as a designer and artist. From a young age he was interested in studio art and would use whatever he could find to experiment. Growing up his favorite toy was probably one of the various clays they make for children.

In high school he pursued the visual arts and quite enjoyed it however he did not originally feel it was his career. In college he studied History and minored in Art History at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. However, this education allowed him to bring new ideas into his art. Studying a historic visual record provides a focus on theory in visual medium

"I think that-- fundementally-- the job of a graphic designer is to find a way to visually comunicate information. The mission is to turn sound into light."

Damon's other hobby is music which often informs his design choices. It is perhaps a bit abstract but trying to imagine how a design sounds allows him to think critically about how others will interface with his designs. Naturally, different sounds are useful for different applications.